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Thread: Tell Your Reps About Fox31 News and Their Reefer Madness Story on THC DUID

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    Default Tell Your Reps About Fox31 News and Their Reefer Madness Story on THC DUID

    Email these folks and let them know about Fox31 and their Reefer Madness Story:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kathl...,,,,, .com,,,,,, m,,,,,ted....@,,,,,dl.hullinghor...@state,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .us,,,,,sal.pace...@state.c,,,,,,su....@st,,,,,brandon@...nshaffer .com,,,,,pat.steadman....@state.c,,,,,,,,,,,mark....@s,,,,,dave....@st

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    Don't forget to include the Fox31 Fools:
    Dear Representatives,

    I wanted to inform you about this shameful piece of journalism care of Fox31 News. They aired a piece about driving under the influence of THC.

    However, they failed to report a few important facts.
    1. The test was on an 18-wheeler simulator
    2. They setup the test so that everyone failed (even their cameraman admits that the test was rigged)
    3. They manipulated the piece to show that Max supported driving under the influence. He is actually against it.

    You can read the story in Westword, or you can view the video in our forum.

    Finally when Sen. King tries yet again to pass his THC DUID Bill, remember to not fall for his reefer madness tactics. Look at the science. We have had medical cannabis for 12 years, and there HAS NOT been an increase in driving fatalities. There has actually been a decrease according to THIS study by a DU professor.

    Enjoy your Week,

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