mile-hi-mmj-patient-magazine-cover-currentThe medicinal qualities of marijuana are well known, and have been for many, many years.  Politics and the “powers that be” have resisted this simple truth for decades – and they are still resisting it.

The local dialog regarding medical marijuana patients here in Denver and Colorado is negative and sensational. We at Mile Hi MMJ Patient would like to help change that.  Our April issue came out April 6 – ask for it at your dispensary.

***We are taking the summer (June, July, August) off and are not sure if or when there will be another issue printed.  We’d like to find someone to buy the magazine and forum.

We have introduced a new health feature – March was Monsanto and Frankenfood. This month’s topic – beef.  You may have heard of “pink slime” but even “regular” beef has serious health consequences because our consumption, per capita has more than doubled since 1940.  Beef production is also bad for the environment, consuming 2500 gallons of water per pound produced.

As a New Years’ Resolution we are suggesting to buy LOCAL – locally grown cannabis and locally made products like the GearBox and the Silver Surfer vaporizer.

Our cover this month is a call for accountability.  First question: “How can someone (Barbra Roach, pictured on the cover) who has risen to the top, and makes probably $150,00 a year (on the taxpayers tit, of course) be so profoundly ignorant as to say, repeatedly, that marijuana has no medicinal value.”  I resent the fact that I am paying Colorado bureaucrats to implement the wishes of the voters and the “other government” (that I am also paying for)  comes in from out of town and interferes with State business and the wishes of Coloradans.  Colorado is licensing patients and MMCs.  To say that marijuana is illegal as the be all and end all rationalization of the “other government” is just plain BULLSHIT.  Criminal statutes were never meant to be applied to State licensed medical facilities serving State licensed patients.  If that was the case, pharmacies are no more legal than the Cartel.  Actually another problem – prescription drugs.

We deserve, and must demand, better.  The residents, citizens, taxpayers deserve some respect and maybe even some “service” from these arrogant outsiders from the “other government.  These people, in theory, work for us !!!

Medical marijuana is still under assault by the government and BIG Pharma rips off Americans for prescription drugs.  Not only do we take twice as many prescriptions as the rest of the world but we pay twice as much for the privelege of being poisoned by these potentially lethal pills with horrendous side effects AND we are less healthy.  We die younger and, for example, we are 38th in infant mortality.  That means there are 37 countries in the world (can you name 37 countries?) where your baby has a better chance of surviving than in the good ‘ol USA.  We rank below many countries in every category of health care.  Did you know we are the ONLY country in the world that makes a profit on its ill citizens ?  Drug problem ?  You bet !!!

We focus on the mmj patient and offer the local MMJ community a voice in the discussion.  If you are a patient, serve patients or an MMJ activist you are welcome at Mile Hi MMJ Patient. We have more content than ads.  We will not become an 80 page get high lifestyle monstrosity where your opinion or your ad gets lost.  We will not lump all the advertising together to the point that it makes your head swim !!!

Of course, we will have columns and content on marijuana, growing, recipes, legal issues and local politics.

The difference – and we think it is a BIG one – is that we have local medical marijuana patients, caregivers and people involved in the industry submit their comments, advice and ideas and we will do our best to see that YOU, here in Denver and Colorado, have a voice.  We have just added a Senior’s section, and we will have a Senior’s feature every month.  Did you know that the average applicant for an MMJ card in Colorado is over 40 ?  We want to hear from you if you would like to help with the Senior’s section.

We have attended local rallies and events like the Stakeholder event at DU.  We will, as time allows, post our own original video content of local events and interviews on our site.  We invite you check it out and hope you will visit regularly.  We are just getting started so you can expect much more in the future.

Amendment 20 speaks of marijuana patients with a legitimate medical need and how they are permitted, legally, to obtain their medication.  The time for recognition has, finally, come and been passed by a majority of the voters into the highest law of the land here in Colorado.

But do you see this on the news ?  Do local politicians and government officials address patient needs ?  Does law enforcement even respect the law of the land ?  These are the IMPORTANT issues, but they seem to be lost in the sensationalization mentality so prevalent in news reporting today and sound bites from government officials.  Instead of plotting to control and inhibit access to medicine for mmj patients and limiting dispensaries, the Colorado Department of Health should be focusing on quality and safety.  Just a thought about the use of our patient fund and tax dollars.