Drgreenthumb warning!! A must read!!

I placed an order with this POS and had some problems having things delivered. Long story short, this POS would not work with me so I disputed the charges with my credit card company which I won. Well a few weeks later I get two voicemail messages stating that if I do not pay, then this POS DRGREENTHUMB said he is going to contact the DEA and give them all of my information. This was then followed up by another voicemail just 15 minutes later that stated that he had already in fact given them my phone number and the address information that they were supposed to be shipped to.

I don’t know about you, but this action FOR WHATEVER THE REASON is just TABOO when it comes to marijuana and IMO in anything! ANYONE that would ever threaten to do this is a total PIECE OF $HIT and IMO should be himself narced on, which I fully intend to do!

If you want to deal with a POS like this then be my guest. I know I would NEVER deal with anyone that would even makes threats of this. I am not going to return to this thread to discuss anything. This is a WARNING about someone in this industry that can obviously NOT be trusted to keep your information private. If he will threaten to do this, just think how he will give up his customer list if he were to ever get busted. You would have to be an IDIOT to deal with someone that would say this no matter what the reason!

What are your thoughts?