How To Take Certo For Drug Tests

There has been a good deal of attention about taking Certo for drug tests. Although some people have never heard of this method, others may be familiar with this method. To get an idea of how this method works and how to take Certo for drug tests, this overview will provide the information you need.

What is the Certo Detox Method?

This method uses fruit pectin to pass your blood or urine-based drug test. Certo is a type of fruit pectin that’s commonly used for this method. Certo is a common product that’s used in jams and jellies. Using fruit pectin for detoxing has been used for years, but it only recently gained traction with the rise of online message boards and articles based on its use.

The advantage of using Certo for detox is that it is easy to find and also inexpensive. It can be found in most basic grocery stores or purchased online easily.

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How Does It Work?

Although this method isn’t a foolproof one, it has been shown to have good results when used as directed. This method is especially popular with same-day drug tests since very few options offer same-day results when you need to pass a test quickly.

As you may know, fruit pectin is actually a thickener and a type of fiber. It works by interacting with specific drugs, specifically THC and when consumed with adequate fluid, can prevent any of these compounds from being excreted in your urine. As you may know, certain compounds such as THC are primarily eliminated through urine and stool.

They are often fat-soluble compounds, and since pectin binds to fat in the intestines, your body will eliminate the compounds in your stool and prevent it from being released in your urine sample.

Another way that these method works is by increasing your body’s excretions of any compounds. The fiber in Certo increases your bowel movements and also increases how rapidly your body can eliminate these compounds. Although this method is not always foolproof, it will give you a greater chance of lowering any drug levels in your urine and blood and increasing your chances of passing a drug test.

Test Recommendations

Although you can follow these recommendations the day of the test, it’s recommended to follow them at least a day or two ahead of any drug test. Recommendations can vary, but you’ll likely need a packet of Certo, 32-ounces of a sports drink, and a gallon of water.

Mix the Certo with the sports drinks and shake or mix it until the Certo has been completely dissolved. You’ll notice that it becomes thicker when it’s mixed and may even take on a consistency like jelly. Drink the entire sports drink. If you can, take small sips over an hour to drink the entire contents of the bottle. Try to get in all 32 ounces if you can.

After you’ve finished the sports drink, then start drinking the water. Until you go for your drug test, continue drinking water and try to get in as much of the gallon as possible. You should try to urinate at least a few times before you go for the drug test. This will help you get rid of any contaminated urine before the Certo has time to work in your system.

One of the common side effects of using this method is that you’ll have more frequent bowel movements after taking the Certo. Any unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea should go away in at least 24 hours.

Another mistake that people make is skipping the sports drink. Since the fiber in Certo will increase your fluid needs and cause more frequent bowel movements, the electrolytes in the sports drink will prevent you from being dehydrated before the test. You can continue to drink an additional sports drink if you feel weak or continue to have diarrhea.

Final Thoughts

This method can be used the day of a drug test as well as the night before to increase your chances of passing a drug test. You’re going to find that this method is most effective for marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and opiates. Use these recommendations as needed to pass a drug test using Certo.

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