Welcome to Mile Hi MMJ Patient. Note that “Patient” is in our title and that will be our focus. The Life Blood of our publication is Patient Stories.  This is the voice of Colorado MMJ Patients – please post your story !!!  Patients love to read about other patients.  Patient stories are better to show those who may have their doubts about MMJ than the other “lifestyle” type publications.

You may also “win” something for sharing.  Please participate – Mile Hi MMJ is YOUR VOICE !!!

We’d like to collect 200+ patient stories to take up to Capitol Hill !!!

Dispensaries, dispensaries, dispensaries. That’s all you hear about on the news, from our elected and unelected governmental officials and law enforcement. What about the medical marijuana patients ? Isn’t that what this is all about?

Amendment 20 is written so that those who have a need can get medical marijuana. You can grow your own or you can have a caregiver grow it for you.
Of course, on the practical side we have seen that demand cries out for a way for patients to get the medicine they need and dispensaries are one solution. The alternative is to support drug cartels. But let’s not forget – this is really about patients and medicine.

In the coming weeks and months we here at Mile Hi MMJ Patient hope to help those involved grasp the basic truth that this issue must revolve around medical marijuana patient needs. Please join us in this much needed re-focusing of the dialog. We would particularly like to focus on some of the individual patients and their concerns here in Denver and Colorado. We are waiting for your stories, e-mails and submissions !!!

David Cerullo

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